Quality Policy

The management of Deschamps Impression inc. defines quality policy as:

1. A product for the customer.

We offer a superior quality product to meet customer needs and provide sustainable services. We are interested in clients resolve their problems. We do not compromise quality to increase profits.

2. Improved lifestyles.

We offer a product that improves the daily work and lifestyle of our customers.

3. Environment.

We are working to reduce and recycle our waste paper and our chemicals. We use recycled products.

4. Individual performance.

We create an environment in which every employee is excited to work in the Deschamps Impression' team. We also ensure that employees are totally committed to their work and give the best of themselves. We believe that every employee is entitled to their share of results. That is why everyone is invited to be part of continuous improvement groups to convey their ideas.

5. Teamwork.

Team spirit is an essential ingredient to success. All efforts are made to obtain a cordial relationship between customer supplier teams working within the company. It is the cohesion of the entire team that produces the profitability enabling our company to achieve its overall objectives.

6. Quality and excellence

Everything we do, we do well. It is precisely this high quality that has earned us respect and loyalty from our customers worldwide.

7. Competent administration.

The management of Deschamps Impression inc. shares with its senior staff, responsible for creating an environment conducive to the achievement of values. Indeed, we believe that the behavior of each supervisor or foreman at the place of employees is of utmost importance. Their integrity must be unequivocal and employees must adhere to the values of the company.


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